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Together, they forge lasting bonds and uphold the proud tradition of representing their school with unwavering pride.

With Our Secretary

Our Secretary Ma'am , is the backbone of our educational institution, seamlessly managing administrative tasks with efficiency and a warm demeanor. Her meticulous organization and dedication contribute significantly to the smooth operation of the school, making her an indispensable and valued member of our academic community.She is a kind-hearted and humble woman, and stands as a far-sighted visionary. With compassion as her compass, she navigates administrative responsibilities with grace, fostering a harmonious environment while steering the institution towards a bright and inclusive future.

Ms.Sabiha Farzana

M.A, M.Phil.

With Our Director

Our Director Ma'am , is a visionary leader, known for her unwavering commitment to educational excellence. With a compassionate and innovative approach, she guides the school community towards success, fostering a nurturing environment where students thrive and faculty members are inspired to excel.She is an exceptional all-rounder, blending leadership with a helpful spirit. Not only does she excel in her administrative role, but she also extends her influence as a dedicated social worker, enriching the school community with her commitment to service and welfare

Ms.Maria Arifuddin

M.Sc, B.Ed.

With Our Director

Our esteemed Director Sir, overseeing not just our institution but a constellation of educational endeavors -Global Institute of Engineering and Technology,Global College Pharmacy and Global Education Center(MBA)..etc,exemplifies adept leadership through a blend of strategic acumen and a profound commitment to fostering holistic development. His multifaceted approach extends beyond mere administration, creating an environment where innovation, inclusivity, and educational excellence flourish across all affiliated institutions under his guiding influence


M.Tech, MBA